Raisig Musicias for Our School Music Fesival

  • 发布:2023-12-11 00:15

Raisig Musicias for Our School Music Fesival

I. Iroducio

Our school, locaed i he hear of he ciy, is home o a rich culural heriage. As par of our ogoig effor o promoe he ars ad culural diversiy, we are proud o aouce he aual school music fesival, a eve ha brigs ogeher sudes ad eachers from all corers of he school, showcasig he bes i musical ale.

II. Backgroud of he Fesival

The fesival is a o-profi eve, orgaized by he sude coucil, wih he aim o promoe music as a way of expressio, commuicaio, ad culural udersadig. The fesival will iclude performaces from a diverse rage of musical syles, icludig rock, pop, jazz, classical, ad more.

III. Recruime Objecives

We are currely seekig ehusiasic ad aleed musicias o paricipae i his year's fesival. We are paricularly ieresed i aracig idividuals who would like o perform covers of popular sogs, origial composiios, or uique arragemes.

IV. Recruime Requiremes

1. All musicias mus be curre sudes or saff members of our school.

2. Performers should be able o commi o rehearsig ad performig durig he desigaed fesival period.

3. A srog sese of self-disciplie ad professioalism is expeced from all performers.

4. Musical ale ad experiece are preferred, bu o required. We welcome all ieresed idividuals o apply.

V. Applicaio Procedure

1. Ieresed idividuals should email a brief iroducio of hemselves, icludig heir isrume(s) of choice, previous performace experiece (if ay), ad availabiliy for rehearsals ad performaces.

2. Applicaios should be emailed o he Sude Coucil email address before he deadlie. Please check wih he fesival orgaizig commiee for specific daes ad imes.

VI. Selecio Process

1. The orgaizig commiee will review all applicaios ad selec performers based o heir isrume proficiecy, ale, ad suiabiliy for he fesival program.

2. Seleced performers will be oified by he orgaizig commiee via email. Please esure your email accou is acive ad check your spam folder if you do o receive a respose wihi a reasoable ime frame.

VII. Opporuiies for Collaboraio

1. Seleced performers will have he opporuiy o collaborae wih oher aleed musicias, boh durig rehearsals ad performaces.

2. The fesival orgaizig commiee will also provide opporuiies for performers o showcase heir origial composiios or arragemes durig he fesival.

3. Performers are also ecouraged o seek ou oher performace opporuiies wihi ad ouside of he school, usig he fesival as a plaform o promoe heir ale ad passio for music.